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About Chelsea Hunter

I am an Atlanta based Recipe Developer and Yoga Teacher. 

The Naked Fig Philosophy

Transitioning from processed foods to preparing much of what I eat from scratch has not only transformed my health, but has led to feeling the happiest and most vibrant I've ever felt in my life.  The mission of The Naked Fig is to remind you that you do not have to be a nutrition expert or a trained chef to enjoy amazing nourishing meals.  

The Naked Fig is not about dieting or deprivation but rather abundance.  My diet is plentiful and varied.  I hope to inspire others to see that eating healthy is about adding in and expanding rather than cutting back.  If you have any questions for me, visit the contact page and send me an email.


Chelsea's has contributed to health columns and recipes for Teen Vogue and Into the Gloss.


I love to partner with brands that I believe in. If you have a brand that you think is a fit, please contact me.  This blog pays for itself through advertisements, affiliate links, and sponsored posts.