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Mediterranean Lentil Salad with Fresh Figs

Chelsea Harrison6 Comments
Mediterranean Lentil Salad with Fresh Figs

This recipe came to me out of sheer chance.  Funny how sometimes I brainstorm to try to create a "perfect" recipe and it turns out just "ok." Other times the perfect recipe just presents itself to me and is better than anything I could have planned.  This is one of those perfect serendipitous recipes.

Sam and I were hungry at my parents house with a bag of groceries I had intended to take home.  Between what we found in the grocery bag and ingredients from my parents sparse kitchen, I made what turned out to be the best salad I had ever had.

Lentils are a favorite of mine.  And if you are a vegetarian, I highly recommend you make yourself familiar with these bad boys.  Lentils are a great source of B-Vitamins and protein which many vegetarians are not getting enough of.  But on top of that, they are loaded with fiber.  Fiber is what keeps you full and what keeps your digestive system running smoothly.  If you are new to lentils try them in soups.  They add great texture to vegetable soups and lentil soups, such as Dal, are delicious and very affordable and easy to make.

Make sure you try this recipe while figs are still in season.  Once they are out of season, you could make this without them or use dried figs or raisins, but nothing can replace the light and sweet flavor of fresh figs.

Mediterranean Lentil Salad

Makes two large salads


2/3 cup cooked lentils, we used brown but any variety works

1 large cooked beet, cubed

1/2 avocado, cubed

5-6 fresh figs

1/3 cup sun dried tomatoes

1/3 cup artichoke hearts

1/3 cup feta or goat cheese

1  handful fresh greens, we used a mix but arugula or spinach would be especially nice

1 tbsp olive oil

balsamic vinegar to taste (about 2 tbsp)

black pepper

celtic sea salt

Combine all ingredients and serve.