Local Produce Delivery!

Local Produce Delivery!

When Fresh Harvest asked me to try one of their produce baskets, I really didn't think this was a service I'd use. I was excited to try it, but I like going to the store and picking out my own produce. I thought it might be a great option for someone else, but not for someone like me. And  of course I was totally wrong. But first, here is how Fresh Harvest works:

First you order your basket. They have some with exclusively local produce, some with just fruit, and baskets of varying sizes to feed a single person or a whole family (or office). The fruits and vegetables change each week depending on the availability based on what is in currently in season. And they tell you which local farms they source from.

I have been a member of a CSA before and I loved it, but I still had to go to the store for milk, bread, nuts, and any prepared food. Fresh Harvest has items you can add-on to your basket so that you can skip the store altogether. They have local milk, cheese, raw juice, bread, meat (if that's your thing), jam, even homemade fruit leather that you can add to your order.  And the makers of these grocery items are some of my favorite local companies like Sweet Grass Farm cheeses, Pressed Juicery, and Banner Butter.

Next, they deliver your basket in a covered container with cold packs and leave it on your doorstep. The next week, you leave the empty tub outside for them, they collect it, and drop off a new one. Easy as that. 



While I do like picking out my own produce, I love that getting a basket of surprise produce forces me to use ingredients I don't typically buy; We had a lot of fun giving my nephews sugar cane for the first time.  And if any of the produce is not up to par, Fresh Harvest will replace it the next week - no questions asked.

After trying the basket, I realized what an awesome gift this is (Mother's Day present, anyone?). For now I may just order a basket now and then - especially on a busy week - but once this baby comes, Fresh Harvest is going to be my go to.

Check out Fresh Harvest here! Mention The Naked Fig as your referral and get $15 off your first basket!


Disclaimer: Fresh Harvest provided me with a basket of food to review. I will never endorse any product or service I don't actually believe in, and all reviews are my honest experience despite any compensation.